Be A Leader Even If You Are The Only One In The Team


Do you ever stare at the wardrobe before work and think, what am I am going to wear? When ordering your morning coffee do you suddenly feel the need to order something different from the ‘usual’? Do you ever wonder what Julie in accounts really thinks of you? In our fast-paced, modern, anxious world, these are real struggles, struggles that can sometimes paralyse people into not making the bigger decisions to get along in life. To break through these barriers we need to be leaders, even if we are the only one in the team. This is the message you need to give you the direction you need to pick that shirt, go with the long black instead of the flat white, and make life’s big decisions all via the wisdom of waltzing with a motorcycle around the fuel bowsers of a service station in a small country town. Shane Mallory has been leading individuals, teams and organisations for over 30 years. He believes that leading is a skill that can be learnt and practiced. He also believes that true leading must always start in our own backyard. Before we do anything else, we need to lead ourselves. As an ex-cop of 26 years responsible for Queensland Police recruit training who pivoted to specialise in IT, who then pivoted to a drama teacher, business change manager, actor, theatre director and radio DJ, Shane knows how we can change our life to lead ourselves and the teams we belong to in a vast variety of environments. Shane knows how to be a leader even if he’s the only one in the team.