Bicycle, node, network, design


In the span of five minutes we’ll progress from cycling for leisure, via systems and (inter-) networks, to a rather genius interaction design decision. What’s not to like? About Peter Peter Sikking is an experienced interaction architect. He unabashedly puts shipping great products at the centre of his design practice. He is known for his work for Google, Nokia, the Metapolator & GIMP open source projects, and startups. Peter is sought out by executives who have no use for average results. With a design‐led process he shapes the success they are after. He also collaborates with ambitious product makers, bridging the void between their vision and their engineers. Peter designs interaction for creatives. With deep insight into how these masters work, he creates tools that deliver the power and freedom to create. He also designs solutions with a wide impact on society. Peter brings focus to problems of near‐wicked complexity and delivers solution frameworks that allow his clients to design, execute and ship. Peter designs for global use. Increasingly his projects have a clear, sometimes even exclusive, focus on emerging and developing countries. Peter teaches, mentors, lectures and publishes. He enjoys working with small teams in an international setting, but also the fact that his work can be found on half a billion mobiles and creates billion‐dollar revenues. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at