Complacency Kills


Complacency has a detrimental effect on our every day lives, health, business matters and personal development. In this Ignite Talk he will bring awareness to his audience that complacency if taken lightly and ignored, does kill dreams, ambitions, careers, businesses and can even kill people! #Awareness #Educational #inspirational #personaldevelopment Hassan Younes is a keynote speaker, widely published writer and serial-entrepreneur with a background in aerospace engineering, organisational change and business management across diverse industries, and over two decades in the education and training sector. During the course of his professional career, he has worked across various industries of business management, including vocational training, travel, international education, investment and property development. Hassan holds an honours degree in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT University in Melbourne as well as qualifications in Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, and Education. He is the CEO of the Training College of Australia, an institute dedicated o providing practical and theory-based learning for early childhood educators and the business arena. Hassan is also the Founder and Chair of the International Academy of Marawi – I AM, Managing Director at Caradon Investments, Founder & Senior Business Coach for Lanao Business Services and is the Managing Director at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre. He has been widely published both nationally and internationally on topics relating to business, personal development, education/skills training, business management, entrepreneurship, career coaching and mindset. Hassan’s passion for helping shift the outlook, scope and trajectory of his clients, students and audiences is instantly recognisable, making his presentations ideal for anyone wanting to gain insight and inspiration around business, career, personal development, coaching or education. Hassan is a sought-after keynote speaker at business, academic and personal development events and industry summits – internationally. His long-awaited first book, ‘Complacency Kills’, is due o be released later this year. For more about Hassan go to For more about Ignite Brisbane go to