Concept-based learning


What does it mean to be educated? With facts available after a quick online search, how can we ensure that we are educating for the future? Traditional curriculum focused on facts, topics and skills no longer prepares students for a world where critical and problem-solving thinkers are needed. I’ll share how a curriculum that is concept-based offers learning that requires depth of understanding instead of content coverage. An alternative to the traditional curriculum models. About Angeline Angeline has been a primary school educator since 1999. Her career as an educator started in a state school in Sydney, Australia, before working in Nanjing International School, China. Currently Angeline is the Accreditation Co-coordinator at Berlin International School, Germany. Angeline has taught every grade ranging from 5-12 year olds as a classroom teacher and music specialist. At Berlin International School, she was the primary school curriculum coordinator for many years. Since April 2007 she has been an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme workshop leader and school visitor. Angeline is also a certified Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction Presenter and Trainer. Developing curriculum and teacher training is her passion and when she is not busy being a curriculum-nerd, she enjoys cooking, and spending time with her sons and husband. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at