Dance lessons and productivity


Have you ever wondered why the most productive people typically look fairly relaxed? In a similar fashion the most impressive dancers pull off sophisticated moves without breaking a sweat. While taking dance lessons recently, I discovered is that dancing and productivity have more in common that most might think. – They follow certain ground rules. In dancing the left foot follows the right and vice versa, to be productive you plan first and do afterwards. Never do both at the same time. – You get better over time by establishing routines. In dancing we call those … dances (*duh*), in the world of productivity we call those habits. – You look best, when you know how to improvise instead of following a strict pattern. However, the most important lesson I learned while taking dance lessons is the following: to learn more about your area of expertise, do something different. It will give you a fresh perspective and you’ll discover parallels that will give you new insights. Video created by Hunting With Pixels. Hunting With Pixels is a Sydney and Melbourne based social video strategy and production agency.