Disabling Limiting Beliefs Around Ability


The disruptive idea is that disability has nothing to do with wheelchairs or physical impairments but to do with the physical environment and the attitude of people towards disability. In this Ignite Talk Marayke demonstrates disability through history from ancient Egypt to now and how disability has enhanced society – anyone heard of Alexa or Siri (they are invented as assistive technology) and stories from her life. About Marayke: Marayke Jonkers is a Paralympic swimmer, paratriathlete and founder of charitable foundation Sporting Dreams, which helps athletes with disabilities. She has appeared on television shows including Insight on SBS, Totally Wild on channel 10, and in publications including Cosmopolitan Magazine and the Weekender. Marayke, 34, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is a young woman with a love for life and a spirit of adventure who is boldly pursuing her dreams – and loves encouraging others to do the same. For more about Marayke go to http://marayke.com/ For more about Ignite Brisbane go to http://ignitebrisbane.com