On a sandbank on Stradbroke Island lays a shipwreck. Forgotten, unmarked but fascinating. Without it, Brisbane would not be the city we know today and its story is colourful and complex. It has taught Thomas that everyone has a life and a story as complex and as fascinating as his own, and as complex and as fascinating as that of any shipwreck. About Thomas: Thomas is a corporate trainer of presentation skills and strategy, specialising in PowerPoint design and use. His hobbies include kayaking, local history and hunting shipwrecks. His detailed research into forgotten shipwrecks has given him a unique insight into the stories of these local, historic wrecks, documenting their physical locations and providing research to the Queensland Maritime Museum. The appreciation he has built for the rusty and ruined relics has made him realise that people are no different. For more about Thomas go to http://presentationboss.com.au For more about Ignite Brisbane go to http://ignitebrisbane.com