How To Be An Adult


What are the key destinations between a child and an adult? Have you ever met that 45-year old who behaves like a 10-year-old? And what about that 10-year-old with the wisdom of an old soul. How to be an awesome adult… More importantly – do you want to? Discover the 3 key ingredients to be an awesome adult today! #connection #self-love #emotions #self-boundaries About Kat Kat JY Chen is the founder of Awesomation Academy. She is a qualified coach, speaker and trainer who works with individuals and business to help them remove the roadblocks that are holding them back from achieving their highest vision of success. Having work over a decade in providing practical solutions to help organisations to cut costs, manage risk and obtain sustainable. She now specialises in personal empowerment, relationships and business development. Kat’s purpose in live is to inspire others to inspire other by providing the tools and strategies for creating positive lasting change. Kat is a member of International Coach Guild, with certified in Meta Dynamic™ eDisc™ Behavioural Profiling, Life and Business Coaching. For more about Kat go to For more about Ignite Brisbane go to