Living in the Gray Can Transform Your Life


Living in the Gray Life is not black and white; however, many of us are conditioned to think this way by family, peers, colleagues, society. We develop a false mindset that life “has to be” a certain way. We assume all these rules, conditions, assumptions and expectations about how life “is” or “should” be or the “kind of life” we should lead or the “kind of person” we should spend our life with. But the truth is, life is not black or white. It’s gray. No one set of rules can possibly apply to every person because each one of us is so completely unique, with our own life circumstances, experiences, thoughts, emotions. Living in the gray, allows you to let down your guard, give up your pride, your ego, your fears. It’s a place where you can sit back and examine your life, free of the judgements of others, the judgements of yourself. It is in this place, where the magic happens.