Mahavira: A man who new the future of earth and taught the concept of JWL


2600 years before in 6th century BC India, born a man named Mahavira alias Vardhmana . He propounded a religion Jainism as its last teaching God. He taught Logic Theory ,non violence, non possessiveness, Principles of pluralism,non absolutism, non attachment etc. By following his teachings the very crucial issues of present world like Global warming, Environmental degradation,Climate Change, Energy crisis,loss of Biodiversity, mental Stress, mental Depression, relationship problems, human rights issues etc can be resolved. His teachings have been noted in classical literature discovered from ancient India. I will present the way of life taught by him to transform this world in a happy world . Consumerism, the child of capitalism is the main cause of mental stress , his teachings help relieving it. If we follow non possessiveness of mahavira we can live a peaceful life. I will demonstrate “how everyone on the earth can live a life that leads to sustainable socio-economic developments of the world.” Enlightening talks in 5 minutes Recorded at Leaf Cafe, Bold Street, Liverpool We are always looking for new speakers so get in touch. Find out more at