New deal on data


The way we use and provide data is defining the digital economy. But the balance has shifted towards the big guns (Facebook, Apple, Google) who own the majority of data, and in Germany the whole discussion is only about privacy. I would like to propose a framework for how we can use and share our data in a beneficial way. About Bas Bas Timmers has been fascinated by technology and innovation since buying the Acorn Electron computer somewhere in the eighties. After trying to digitize newspapers and tv stations for a couple of years in the Netherlands, he moved to Berlin. With his recently-founded company Neue Signale (Interference) he helps small and medium-sized companies transform their business models into the digital era. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is a fan of all aspects of digitization. On the contrary: he sees a dangerous development where the big companies monopolize our data within their own walled gardens (and run away with the cash), and on the other hand German authorities who are overtly sensitive to privacy issues and strangulate possible innovations. That’s why he started thinking about a New Deal on Data, a framework for how we could move forward in a sensible way for all parties involved and take advantage of the possibilities of our data. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at