The story of a t-shirt or how I got into open-source


About 6 years ago I was a young gun, fresh out of college and into the corporate world. I had strange notions about volunteering and life, but it all changed one fateful weekend when I joined a Mozilla Developer Network Documentation Sprint. This a story of how I stumbled into the Open Source world: I had came in for all the wrong reasons, but stayed for the right ones. About Alex Alex Lakatos has been a Mozilla Representative Mentor and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past five years, based in London. JavaScript developer building on the open web, he has been pushing its boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at