Unser Fundament


‘unser Fundament’ is the story of Ali*Mal’s drawing installation made for this year’s Tag des Offenen Denkmals. The art work is intimately intertwined with its location, the archeological site of Petriplatz, and is discussed in the context of Berlin’s history of community-development and destruction in Berlin. About Stephanie and Jared Since early 2016 Stephanie Custance and Jared Pool have been collaborating on various visual art projects under the pseudonym Ali*Mal. Combining Stephanie’s material know-how, from drawing and weaving to installation, with Jared’s background in anthropology and neuroscience, their works poignantly challenge the viewer. Both hail from the US though from different states and via separate routes. Ignite Berlin at View Source Conference Berlin, 12 September 2016. Learn more at http://igniteberlin.com/category/igniteviewsource2016/