Where the streets have no name


Only 11% of Australia’s landmass can be referenced through street addressing. However Addressing doesn’t help when your car is broken down on a country road, when trying to get flood insurance for your farm shed, or when receiving a drone delivery in your back yard, but not in the pool. Until recently, if we wanted to reference locations in the remaining 89% of Australia, or in developing countries, or in new subdivisions, we had to revert to using coordinates. But humans don’t remember or communicate strings of up to 16 digits particularly well. And getting it wrong can be expensive, or even worse. In the last few years, several initiatives have emerged that tackle this issue, usually with some type of coding system to replace coordinates. Video created by Hunting With Pixels. http://www.huntingwithpixels.com Hunting With Pixels is a Sydney and Melbourne based social video strategy and production agency.