Why decide? Embrace ambiguity


We’re always told how great decisions are. We decide who we’re going to marry and then stick with it. Business leaders make strong decisions and back up their thoughts with action. And if we choose not to decide then we are, by implication, indecisive. But actually, there is a third path that is neither decisive nor indecisive: choosing to remain ambiguous & embracing that ambiguity – so we accept that there may be more than one answer to what we do and how we think. A similar concept was expressed by the Romantic Poets as negative capability… but we seem to have lost this intriguing approach to thinking in business and personal life. This approach is particularly critical in entrepreneurship and innovation, but may also run through our personal lives. Video created by Hunting With Pixels. http://www.huntingwithpixels.com Hunting With Pixels is a Sydney and Melbourne based social video strategy and production agency.