The Dangers of Helicopter Parenting


Stoping Helicopter parenting but instead teach the journey isn’t easy but the rewards are many. Lyn Baird is a wife, mother, grandmother and psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience working in the Community, Education and Health sector. She has seen the effect that helicopters parenting has had on families with adult children failing to launch or worse still being ensnarled in anxiety or addictions because life is too comfortable. “Life is to be a journey that isn’t easy but the rewards are many.” With great insight and humility she shares her own journey of what she thought was loving to a realisation of how detrimental it was for all. Lyn is regularly contracted and engaged with other organisations as a consultant or keynote speaker for conferences. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring engagement within teams, community and business partners, helping people, businesses and communities to reach their potential. Insight, education and training open the doors to possibility.