The Difference Between Tools and Goals (fa) | تفاوت ایزار و هدف (فا)


To achieve goals, you may want to break them into shorter steps, but sometimes along the way, some of these steps grow in their importance that one forgets what the main goals were and gets lost. Masood, in Ignite Tehran. differentiates tools and goals and their respective level of importance, so one may work and live more efficiently. شاید شما هم در راه رسیدن به هدف و آرزوها دچار این خطا شدین که ابزار رو با خود هدف اشتباه بگیرید. مسعود تو 5 دقیقه زمانی که تو اولین رویداد ایگنایت تهران داشت، تفاوت این دو رو به مشخص کرد